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Plasmawarrior the Emerald Knight

The Easter Slut

Part of my RP stuff, you can easaly see that this is NC-17 when yo read it. No major story, just quick sex.

It has been a long long long long long day for Bunni Love Aparently. Stressfull expecialy this time of year, where bunnies and rabbits are treated like Gods and Goddesses can get to her... consitering how she's been in a bad mood since Monday. Even worse Michele hasn't been around... making it hard to get some of her energy out to vent. Then again, she would take it out on anyone, even Michele... but when Michele's planing, it means Bunni would ether hate it more or love her more, ether way. It was Saturday Night, Easter was a few hours away, and Bunni Love was just tired of doing anything. She had nothing to do, wearing her pink mini-skirt and tank top, she hopped into her room... who knows what could be going on with Michele, but she may not even wanted to know...

Bunni was going to her room, but she didn’t expect to see someone there. There she was, Michele was in a pink bunny suit, with ears, soft furry hands and feet, and a little bunny tail. “Bunni Dear! Me want to play with kitty!”

Bunni wasn’t in the mood for that, but she didn’t quite object to it… she thought Michele was joking until she started to sniff up Bunni’s Legs. “Nice kitty, needs loving! Me love Kitties!”

“Michele, what the fuck are you doing?” Bunni wasn’t too sure herself, but it didn’t help her cause she was wearing a sheer white thong too. “I’m not in the mood… AH!” Bunni got a soft touch of her lace by Michele’s hand… it didn’t take Bunni long to know what Michele was after. “Oh all right, I think I can get over somethings…”

Michele smiled and pushed Bunni onto her bed. “Leave it to the Easter Slut!” Michele grined as she pulled down Bunni’s thong. “Bunni don’t need to do anything to me, me want Bunni to be happy!” Michele said as she used her soft furry hands to pinch Bunni’s clit, teasing her pussy with her soft thumb.

“MMM! My Dear Michele!” Bunni was lost in what was going on, but Michele’s pussy play was better than normal. “Do you want a carrot later?”

“CARROTS?” Michele looked up and blinked, looking quite childish for a 25 year old woman with 34E breasts. “Hope, me only want my Bunny Buns Bun!” Michele was horny at the thought of Carrots, knowing what Bunni meant, but it doesn’t matter to her, as she started pushing her thumb deep into Bunni’s pussy. “Kittens like to be fed like this!” Michele said with a slight giggle, the play was turning Bunni on apparently.

“Just shut up and make me cum!” Bunni said holding onto Michele’s face, making her taste Bunni’s kitty. “Good Easter Slut!” Michele couldn’t help but eat her out, pushing her fingers into her pussy, licking her clit throb with need. “MMM! MICHELE!” Bunni couldn’t help it… she came without thinking about anything else… her bad week seemed to go away. No foreplay, no return of Michele’s lust, just simply all about Bunni Love Girl.

The two laid next to each other, half naked, Michele still in her Bunny outfit and Bunni in a teddy of her own. “So, does the Easter Slut like being with her Easter Bunny?” Bunni smiled rubbing the huge chest of Michele inside of her outfit.

“Always, Bunni Dear!”

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